Build Your Critical Marketing Campaigns upon Precise, High-Quality, & Reliable Contact Data

Make the most of potential leads, promising prospects, and sales opportunities with end-to-end Business Contact Discovery services from BizToBizLeads. We helps to achieve organizational marketing goals for clients by gathering accurate customer information, building updated target lists, and identifying key decision-makers.

  • Customized Prospect Discovery Services
  • Data Intelligence Analysis & Reporting
  • Quickest Turn-around-Time in the Industry
  • Reaching the right contact at the first time
  • Manual and automated data collection and verification
  • Multiple quality checks to ensure source and data authenticity

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Grow your opportunity pipeline

Identifying the right contacts is the basis for successful sales campaigns. It saves substantial amount of marketing dollars as well as time spent trying to convert the leads. Our business intelligence service will provide insights. We believe finding a contact is an skill but finding a right contact of a target lead is an art with business intelligence, here at BiztoBizLeads we understand your product or services and target market first and on the basis of that we provide highly customized contact discovery services, which eventually helps you to generate more qualified leads and revenue.

Contact Discovery Process

  • B2B & B2C Prospect Discovery

    Get in contact with prime potential customers and your industry's influential decision-makers through our B2C and B2B contact discovery services. Reach out to verified contacts- managed via a master contact database and updated by our data specialists frequently -through detailed prospect intelligence reports to enhance marketing campaigns efficiency.

  • Prospect Analysis Discovery

    Prospect analysis solutions- a critical part of our business contact discovery services -track every potential contact number, email, and mailing address relevant to your marketing campaign, determine its accuracy and validity, and collect additional data. This information is combined, organized, and studied to define appropriate actions needed to convert the prospect into a paying customer.

  • On-Demand Lead Generation

    Target the right people with our sales discovery process. In addition to prospect contact discovery services, we also provide on-demand lead generation to clients pursuing solid, qualified prospects and engaged leads. Our marketing and sales support services help businesses identify, engage, and retain high-value customers and increase their lead-to-conversion rates and sales performance.

  • Social Media Research

    By monitoring every conversation around your brand across multiple social media channels and platforms, we collate a list of potential prospects with a decent likelihood of conversion. The outcomes of our social media contact discovery services are shared with your sales team at regular intervals.

  • Contact Validation

    In addition to finding and filtering contacts by functional responsibility, quality, relevance, target market, and business development strategy, we also hire contact discovery service experts who create a consistent supply of validated contacts with the most recent information and real-time updates

  • Data Cleaning

    A database of prospects can easily go obsolete over a few months, primarily because of change-of-address, changing contact numbers, lost leads, etc. To avoid this pain point while holding your marketing campaign's efficiency, we frequently cleanse the data and eliminate duplicate contacts, missing entries, and misspellings.



Creating sales ready leads for your any type prospecting campaigns

We build the business contact list according to your requirements. We develop the contact list database when you order it. The list is not already compiled or resold. Depending on your criteria our business contact findings will be of two types. Role Based Contact Discovery and Title Based Contact Discovery

People change their jobs, get transferred in their current job or their contact details such as email id or telephone number change. Because of this, about 2% of database becomes invalid every month. Since we discover the business to business contact database at the time you order it, it will be 100% accurate and current.

Each contact is verified hence you will never receive a not identified response. Email and Mailing List is verified once again at the time of delivery

We discover the contacts from across the globe (USA, UK, entire Europe, entire Asia etc) as per your target geographical market.F

Target your prospects by revenue, geography, title, industry. Search with business intelligence.

We are ready to solve the problems you are having

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