Optimize your Data to maximize ROI from your marketing campaigns

Clean, organized, and accurate contact data is essential for the personalization of your marketing campaigns and also marketing automation. With a clean database, you not only create better customer engagement, maximizes customer retention but also optimizes overall marketing performance and results. Only complete and accurate customer data brings results in numbers and reduces unnecessary expenses.

Over time, customer contact data becomes inaccurate. Database cleansing remedies this. Reasons to keep your data updated

  • Improve Email Sender Score
  • Protect IP Reputation
  • Generate Quality leads
  • Get 100% email deliverability
  • Minimum wastage of time efforts & resources
  • Stay away from spam trap hits
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We bring the industry's best approach to cleansing your data, increasing response rates to your campaigns and ensuring your data complies with legal requirements. Business data can decay at over 40% per year, so your database needs to be kept up-to-date if it's going to consistently deliver the results you expect. We can help keep your data squeaky clean by using the same specialised software we use on our own data to cleanse yours. The efficacy of your business decisions largely hinges on the quality of data you are analyzing. No matter how big is your database, it won't add value to your business unless it is up-to-date and free from any redundant information.

As part of our Data Cleansing and Enrichment Services, we:

Data cleansing

  • Filter records

    Most of the organizations tend to ignore duplicate data in the beginning and hence fail to nip the problem in the bud. When the problem becomes too complicated, it takes a lot of time and resources to clear the mess. Duplicate data in your database not only eat into your storage space but also adversely affects your analysis. If you want to make the right decisions based on your data, you need to identify duplicates across several data sources and get rid of it through an effective data de-duplication process. We at SunTec have the expertise and experience of de-duplicate data of any size. More than 15 years of experience of serving a wide variety of businesses across the globe makes us your ideal data de-duplication services outsourcing partner cleansing professionals manually check your customer records and remove obsolete data.

  • Remove typos, spelling errors

    To ensure that your data is up to date and error-free, our professionals manually correct grammatical, typographical and punctuation errors. They follow industry best practices and our stringent quality guidelines to make sure that your data is flawless.

  • Complete missing entries

    With their eye for detail and experience of delivering quality data cleansing services to a worldwide clientele, our professionals fix all sorts of missing records in your data. Whether it is adding missing postal codes, dialing codes or emails we can do it all for you with accuracy and speed.

  • Cleanse mailing lists

    As a provider of quality data cleansing services, we do understand the significance of relevant mailing lists. To help you tap your target audience we cleanse the irrelevant information from your mailing lists and keep them up to date.

  • Normalize database

    A normalized database is not only easier to manage, but also makes the desired information readily available. Our professionals can normalize and re-format your data within a quick turnaround time and thus make you the master of your database.

  • Standardize database

    To make sure that your data is clean and consistent throughout the enterprise, our professionals standardize all the attributes of the database. With this service of SunTec, you can access all the relevant information at the click of a button.

  • Verify and Validate Data

    No data cleansing process is complete without proper verification and validation. After cleansing your data as per your requirement, our professionals verify and validate every entry against all the sources to make sure that it is authentic.

  • De-duplicate entries

    We do understand that duplicate entries are the bane of any database. They not only make the management of data complex but also eat into your storage space. Our de-duplication experts can remove all the duplicate entries from your database to make it an agile source of accurate information.


How We can help

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

We can help you with missing phone numbers, postcodes, and other essential contact data can waste valuable time and lose customers.

We can help you with incorrect and misspelt contact data can damage your company’s image and affect the response from your customers.

We can help you with incorrect loading of data can also damage your company’s image and get a poor response from your customers.

your customer data may have been correct at the time of entry but can decay with time. Out of date entries can result in high bounce rates and lead to a poor company image at a high cost.

your database might not highlight those customers registered with the TPS/CTPS which can result in the risk of high financial penalties and potential prosecution if they’re contacted. This can also be potentially damaging for your customer relationships. These checks will help you with GDPR compliancy.

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